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UTech Courses in Real Estate are available at the University of Technology, Jamaica. These are as follows: - Diploma in Land Economy and Valuation Surveying (for Real Estate Dealers) - three (3) years full-time or four (4) years part-time. Branches of practice - Sales, Rentals, Leases, Property Management, Appraisals and Auctioneering. - Real Estate Dealers' Course #160H - six (6) months part-time. Branches of practice - Sales, Rentals, Leases and Auctioneering. - Real Estate Salesman's Course #100H - four (4) weeks full-time. Branches of practice - Sales, Rentals and Leases. - Property Management Course #55H - two (2) months, one (1) day per week. - B.Sc. in Land Economy and Valuation Surveying - four (4) years full-time.
Real Estate Board The Real Estate (Dealers & Developers) Act, and the establishment of the Real Estate Board represent the culmination of several attempts to bring order to the conduct of real estate business. This was necessary to protect members of the public who use the services of real estate dealers to purchase property or who contract with private land and housing developers for the acquisition of units in housing schemes.
Realtors Association of Jamaica The only association for Realtors in Jamaica, an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors, our motto is "The Voice of Real Estate" Founded in 1966 we presently boast a membership of 160 Professionals and Associates who are located throughout the entire island.
National Association of Realtors The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® was founded as the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges on May 12, 1908, at the YMCA Auditorium in Chicago, Il.
National Housing Trust The National Housing Trust (NHT) was established in 1976 through an amendment to the National Insurance Act of 1976. We are entrusted with the mission of increasing and enhancing the stock of available housing in Jamaica as well as providing financial assistance to the most needy of our Contributors who wish to build, to buy or to repair their
Commission of Strata Corporation The Commission of Strata Corporations welcomes you to its website and invites you to be informed and educated about the role and function of the Commission as well as other useful information on strata property management. We seek to serve the community of strata property owners and other stakeholders. We aim to provide excellent service and look forward to a cordial relationship with all persons we interact with.
National Land Agency The establishment of the NLA is the result of the Public Sector Modernisation Programme of the Government of Jamaica. It brings together the core land information functions of Government under one roof, and includes: Land Titles; Surveys & Mapping; Land Valuation & Estate (Crown Land) Management. This merger enables the Government to build on the synergy of these combined functions and create a modern national land (spatial) information system to support sustainable development.
KSAC To meet the local needs of the citizens of Kingston & St. Andrew by providing effective and efficient services to enhance their quality of life.
Urban Development Corporation One of the many problems facing newly independent Jamaica in the 1960's was the increasing trend towards overpopulation in the urban centres. Because capital investment in mining, manufacturing and tourism was concentrated in these areas, there was a drift of the rural population to the cities and towns in search of employment and an improved quality of life.
Housing Agency Of Jamaica Limited Housing Agency Of Jamaica Limited (HAJ) is a land/ housing development company providing shelter solutions. HAJ is a wholly owned government company formed in 1998 through the merger of three entities; namely Caribbean Housing Finance Corporation Limited (CHFC), National Housing Corporation Limited (NHC) and Operation PRIDE.
Ministry of Housing The Ministry of Transport and Works was formed on September 14, 2007 ending its association with the Ministry of Water and Housing which dated back to March 31, 2006. This is the second occasion that the Ministry is so known as between January 1998 and March, 2006 it carried that moniker.
Bank Of Jamaica The Bank of Jamaica, established by the Bank of Jamaica Law (1960), began operations in May 1961, terminating the Currency Board System which had been in existence from 1939. The establishment of the Central Bank was in recognition of the need for an appropriately regulated financial structure to encourage the development process, particularly as Jamaica was about to embark on the road to political independence.
Jamaican Institute of Quantity Surveyors The Jamaican Institute of Quantity Surveyors (JIQS) advances the interests of the profession of Quantity Surveying, to maintain the highest possible standards of professional ethics and practice, to encourage uniformity of practices and procedures, and foster public faith in and understanding of Quantity Surveyors and their work.
Land Surveyors Association of Jamaica The Land Surveyors Association of Jamaica (LSAJ) was established in 1928. As professional land surveyors we have a responsibility to improve the quality of the services we offer. Our clients rely on us to keep them informed of changes in laws and regulations.
Planning Institute of Jamaica The establishment of the Central Planning Unit (CPU) in 1955 was the product of a strong conviction on the part of the political party which came to power at that time, the People's National Party and in particular of its leader, the Hon. Norman Manley, that planning was an essential requirement for successful economic and social development.
Statistical Institute of Jamaica The Statistical Institute of Jamaica was established under the Statistics (Amendment) Act 1984 on April 9, 1984. The Institute has been invested with all the powers formerly vested in the Department of Statistics and previously the Bureau of Statistics (which came into existence in 1946) along with other powers.
National Environment and Planning Agency NEPA represents a merger between the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA), the Town Planning Department (TPD) and the Land Development and Utilization Commission (LDUC). The Agency results from the work of the Government of Jamaica Public Sector Modernization Programme (PSMP). The aim of the merger is to integrate environmental, planning and sustainable development policies and programmes and to improve customer service.
Mines & Geology The MGD has the statutory responsibility under the Mining Act and the Quarries Control Act to exercise general supervision over all prospecting, mining and quarrying operations throughout the island. The Division also manages the investigation, characterization, documentation and release information on all aspects of the geology of Jamaica.